Live-action ‘One Piece’ Director Teases Upcoming Trailer Release is “Not Long Now”

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It’s finally here: One Piece Day. A celebration of one of the longest-running Shonen Jump series is almost here as Eiichiro Oda celebrates 26 years of Monkey D. Luffy’s journey. This year, however, is a bit special as we also have a live-action series on the horizon. On August 31st, the world will see how showrunners Matt Owens and Steven Maeda worked hard to bring this classic to life.

While the first teaser still had some skeptical about the series’ potential; mostly a result of past iterations not quite living up tot he standard of the material they adapt, there’s a lot of excitement given how much Oda has been involved with this project. Now, we’ve only been waiting for a full-fledged trailer to finally release and it seems the wait isn’t long anymore.

Director Marc Jobst has teased that we can expect the full trailer quite soon; many speculating it’ll be release tomorrow once One piece Day is in full swing. After today was just a pre-show with a screening of One Piece Film Red, it does seem likely they might release something tomorrow. Not only that, but the Straw Hat Grand Fleet fan website also added a new function perfectly timed ahead of the weekend.

That’s not all, as Netflix Japan’s official Twitter page also promoted the event just the other day, which continues to add more relevance to something Netflix-related happening during the event. Given the studios are still not paying writers and actors what they are owed, it’s unclear if any of the non-SAG cast will be attending or if they have another pre-recorded video message like with Anime Expo.

It’s still not a full confirmation, but it would be surprising if we didn’t get any kind of trailer this weekend. If not, there’s still the chance we might get some character posters to tie us over. It’s not uncommon or the full trailer to drop around a month before release for a Netflix series, which makes the timing match even better. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait long for the reveal.

Source: Twitter

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