‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Adding Two Free Holiday Updates

I am revisiting Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order as I got in the mood to revisit the galaxy far far away. Sadly, I have yet to try out Star Wars: Squadrons, which is the latest game released by EA from the franchise. Unlike the Fallen Order and Battlefront, this franchise focuses on space combat. It put you in the cockpit fas you fought through a single-player campaign or even with friends online. The game released in early October and is now getting some more content updates, which the developers Motive Studios titled their holiday supply drops. The best part is, the DLC will be free for those currently enjoying their time in the X-Wing or Tie-Fighter cockpits.

In their first update as of November 25th, players will get a brand new multiplayer map. Fostar Haven, which was heavily requested from the campaign, will be available via Fleet Battles and Dogfight. You can expect some upgrades on the familiar location that will not side with either the New Republic or the Empire. They are also adding some new components, which will help add something new while battling it out in space.

That is not all, as the December update will include two brand new Starfighters. The New Republic will be equipped with the B-Wing, or also known as the Blade Wing. It got classified as a brand new Bomber-class. Tie Defenders will be joining the ranks of the Empire, which will act as a Fighter-class starfighter. The update will also include the ability to create custom matches. So, players will finally be allowed to create their match with unique modifiers for a new challenge.



The developers ended the blog article with a thank you to the fans that come to love this game. As I said, I haven’t been one of the lucky ones to try it out yet but seeing this much passion by the developers certainly has gotten my interest. Also, these designs look fantastic, especially the new TIE Defender has my interest. My favorite part of the Battlefront franchise was being able to take control of one of the iconic starfighters. So, I think it is about time I give the game a shot so I can enjoy these new additions alongside everyone playing the game.

Source: EA

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