Marvel Studios Begins Casting for ‘ECHO’ Series Ahead of Early 2022 Start

marvel studios echo casting

We’re still anxiously awaiting the November release of Hawkeye. It’ll introduce us to Kate Bishop and the assassin known as Echo. Alaqua Cox will take on the role in the series. The best part, she must’ve left quite an impression, as Disney+ and Marvel Studios decided to give her a spin-off series ahead of its release.

We know very little about the series direction but we did hint that they are potentially eyeing an early 2022 production start. Well, it looks like the actress confirmed it herself, as she took to her stories and shared a casting list for the following two characters:

The casting offers a small glimpse into the story and given Echo’s background, the character of Jessica might be a younger version of our titular heroine. The giveaway is the inclusion that the character is described as deaf. So, Iris might possibly be her mother. In the comics, she is raised by Kingpin who killed her parents and it was uncertain if they’ll explore this part of her upbringing in the Hawkeye series. It’s definitely a curious direction to take a closer look at the character’s backstory in the spin-off, as she might try to put together her own history.

We are still waiting for a trailer for the Hawkeye series, which was given a definite release date and a first look image. It’s been oddly quiet on that front as they waited for the official release of What If that started this week. So, we might get our first glimpse at Cox as the character in the coming weeks once the trailer drops.

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