Marvel Studios Calls ‘Hawkeye’s Upcoming Episode a “Season” Not Series Finale

hawkeye season 2

A new and potentially final poster has dropped ahead of the release of Hawkeye‘s finale. It shows off most of the main players outside of the returning Kingpin, who is still purposely held in the shadows even though we got a glimpse at him in a photograph. Yet, there’s a rather curious detail in the Instagram post, as it includes the rather curious detail that this is, in fact, a “season finale” and not a series finale.

The season finale of Marvel Studios’ @HawkeyeOfficial starts streaming tomorrow on @DisneyPlus

There are no set rules in what series gets a continuation over at Disney+. Not every show requires a follow-up season, as WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were never given a greenlight. The first time we got any confirmation was during the post-credit sequence of Loki. What If…? was renewed ahead of its release and only hinted at during interviews. Some time ago, we even got a hint for the upcoming She-Hulk series, whose first season still has no release date.

While calling it a “season finale” doesn’t directly confirm that we’ll get a second season of Hawkeye, but there are many plot threads that have the potential to become the center of a second season, especially if we continue exploring Kate Bishop’s journey. Our very own Hunter Radesi has explored the potential of a second season, which you can check out here.

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