Wyatt Russell Praises Marvel, Expresses Desire to Return as U.S. Agent 

Wyatt Russell is ready to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as U.S. Agent, calling the experience highly collaborative.

Marvel Studios has spent the last couple years introducing a plethora of characters to its ever-expanding cinematic universe. One of the first new faces that fans met in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth phase was Wyatt Russell’s John Walker, the government-sponsored Captain America who quickly became a thorn in the side of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson and his best frenemy Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan). By the end of The Flacon and the Winter Soldier’s six episodes, Wilson had taken over as Captain America while Walker took on a fresh identity as U.S. Agent. Russell’s character was last seen coming into the employ of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ mysterious Val, and has not made an appearance since.

While promoting his latest project, FX’s Under the Banner of Heaven, the former Black Mirror star was asked about a potential crossover with co-star Andrew Garfield in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both actors appear in Banner of Heaven, and Russell told THR he’d be more than willing to do anything Marvel asked of him:

Sure. I’ll let you pitch that to Kevin Feige. If you come to Marvel, you can go pitch that to Kevin Feige and see if he likes it. I’ll do a crossover with anyone they tell me to do a crossover with.

Wyatt Russell

He continued to reveal just how incredible his experience with the company really was, and insisted he’ll return as soon as they’re ready to have him back:

I really enjoy playing the character, and my experience working with Marvel was an unbelievable working experience and collaborative, working with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, and Kari Skogland. The teams they have there are unbelievable. It’s why they make great things. So, anytime I get the opportunity or hear about the chance to reprise a character or work for Marvel again, it’s very exciting because the people are wonderful. So, hopefully, I’ll get to do it again. We’ll see.

Wyatt Russell

There are currently no public plans for U.S. Agent to make another appearance in the MCU, but the nature of his final scene would suggest Kevin Feige probably has something up his sleeve for the character’s future. Until then, fans can see Russell in Under the Banner of Heaven, now streaming on Hulu.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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