New Spider-Man Suit Featured in Latest ‘No Way Home’ Teaser

spider man no way home new suit

It looks like spoilers are fair game, as the official Spider-Man: No Way Home account has shared the official first look at the new suit featured in the film’s ending sequence. After going through the multiversal madness, Peter creates a new suit on his own merits that pays tribute to the original design the character is famous for, as it focuses on the red-blue from the comics that many tend to call his “classic suit.” It is briefly showcased in the opening of the new trailer, which you can check out here:

The design is probably one of the film’s best, which is filled with some great designs as Peter moves on from his Stark suit era. We don’t know if his eyes will move as they did before, but it would seem unlikely they’d move away from the expressiveness it provided to the character stuck behind a mask. We also don’t get a good look if he started creating any elements to add his arsenal in combat against thugs across New York City. We are moving into a new era for the MCU’s take on the character and perhaps we’ll get a bit more straightforward version, who mainly relies on his web-shooters and agility moving forward. It’s an exciting new era and with a fourth entry on the way, it’ll be exciting to see what the future has ready for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

Source: Twitter

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