Marvel Studios’ ‘Echo’ Series to Change Echo’s Powers

echo trailer

Surprising everyone: the first trailer for the next Disney+ series Echo has dropped. It dropped in quite a fashion, as not only is it now a Disney+ and Hulu simultaneous release, but it’s also going to be Marvel Studios’ first TV-MA release. So, we’ll have to wait for its binge-release in January to see if the story delivers on the MA promise.

In a small interview ahead of its release, director Sydney Freeland also teased that this version of the character might be quite a bit different from the comics. Echo was famous for her ability to copy anyone’s ability, which made her a formidable fighter against characters like Daredevil. It seems they have other plans for her according to the director.

Her power in the comics is she can copy anything, any movement, any whatever. It’s kind of lame. I will say, that is not her power.

Sydney Freeland

Details are still scarce on what exactly her new power set might be; if there even will be one but it’s definitely interesting that they are trying to head into a new direction with the character. We’ll see if we get some teases in the coming months. A January release is kind of fitting given it’s a sequel to Hawkeye, which was released in December.

Source: Variety

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