‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Updates Roadmap; Confirms ‘Black Widow’ Tie-In For May

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It’s already been a few weeks since Clint Barton got released as Marvel’s Avengers’ second DLC character. At the time, we got our first look at the game’s roadmap, and we’ve been anxiously waiting for an update on when we can expect the various events to release. The first to arrive is the Tachyon Anomaly, which most of us guessed as an April release. They even have a tie-in event to the upcoming Black Widow film titled Red Room Takeover, which seemed like the perfect release for May. The recent delay of the upcoming Marvel Studios film could’ve been a sign that the tie-in missions may have gotten delayed. Well, the latest War Table blog revealed that it is sticking to its May release date. It even confirms our theory regarding the Tachyon Anomaly.



Now, we still don’t have an exact release date for the Tachyon Anomaly. Yet, its placement might point to it potentially getting revealed by next week. Its structure would also point to each one of these events or releases taking place within a month. So, Black Panther may release in August going by this structure. We know that the Omega-Level Threat Missions will also drop once they are ready. This roadmap is just an indicator for the next few months, and they might continue to update it as time goes by. It is great to know that we’ll get our first event this month as the game starts to expand beyond its current structure.

Source: Play Avengers

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