I can’t be the only one who really likes the new episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I also can’t be the only one who thought that Madripoor was CRAZY! Sam, Bucky, and Zemo get in to trouble very quickly, but somehow get bailed out by Sharon Carter. Sharon has been on the run since Captain America: Civil War, and isn’t very thrilled to see them at first. She has definitely gotten on the criminal side of things and, because of that, gets them to the doctor who recreated the serum. Dr. Nagel’s scenes were very important because he is the only guy who has been able to recreate the Super Soldier serum. Nagel’s lines strongly suggest that he used Isaiah’s blood and inidcate that there are still 12 vials still out there. The boys are back to looking for Karli and the Flag-Smashers, Karli has gone too far by killing a bunch of people for no logical reason. As the episode wraps, Ayo reveals that the Wakandans are looking to get their hands on Zemo, the murderer of their previous King.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Who Is Dr. Wilfred Nagel? Explained

Zemo is never willing to work with other people, so why is he helping Sam and Bucky? There were several times where he could’ve run off but he didn’t, so he must be somehow benefitting from sticking around. This episode leans very heavily in the direction of Sharon possibly being the Power Broker. If she is, why? Is she working by herself? Or is she tied up into the government somehow in some sort of Winter Soldier-Hydra level conspiracy? We know that Walker and Hoskins are going after the Flag-Smashers by tracking Bucky and Sam. We also see that Hoskins may be the only one thing that is stopping Walker from going crazy, but what happens if Hoskins is taken out of the equation?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Baron Zemo is Marvel's Next Meme Machine

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Lamar Hoskins/Battlestar has been the one keeping Walker’s emotions balanced, I am concerned about his health in this next episode. We have set pictures of Walker maybe killing someone with a shield. We have another picture of him on his knees, possibly crying because he realizes what he did with the shield. Hoskins has been there to balance out Walker so far; losing him could easily be the thing that pushes Walker over the edge. As great as Clé Bennett has been as Battlestar, I’m afraid this might be his last episode.

The next episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier streams tomorrow.

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