‘Moon Knight’ Stunt Double Reveals Unused Bathroom Fight Against the Jackal

moon knight unused stunt

In the first episode, we all remember the dramatic reveal of Moon Knight‘s costume after he took down a Jackal that was summoned by Ethan Hawke‘s Arthur Harrow. Well, it turns out that they had an entire sequence planned but that got cut for one reason or another. Oscar Isaac‘s stunt double Jamel Bissat shared a video of the stunt previz that was initially planned for the fight with the Jackal. It very likely never got beyond this previz stage and ended up on the cutting room floor.

They likely realized that the dramatic reveal would’ve worked best to focus on the character’s introduction even if it’s a shame we didn’t get such a memorable action sequence. They certainly went all out and you can see how that bathroom ended up the way it did. Wile it’s a shame we didn’t get it, there’s probably a good reasoning why they went that direction and things tend to get lost during pre-production. They likely also wanted to focus on the action sequences we get later that were built up towards throughout the series’ runtime.

We’ll see what else may have been lost in production due to budgetary or even storytelling reasons, but it’s always interesting to get a look behind the scenes. Previz has become an essential aspect to map out sequences and stunts that help bring these elements to life. Stunt work is an integral aspect of modern storytelling and it’s great to get a good look at how they iniitally mapped out this one sequence.

Source: Instagram

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