Netflix Canceled ‘Cowboy Bebop’ After One Season

cowboy bebop netflix canceled

Well, this is quite a shocking reveal. It seems that Netflix has decided they aren’t moving forward with their latest Anime adaptation, Cowboy Bebop. The first project together with Tomorrow Studio saw the first attempt at adapting one of the most iconic Anime series in live-action. While it was met with a mixed reception, the numbers we’re looking good during its first week. The Hollywood Reporter reports that while it managed to garner 74 million hours viewed, it did plummet by 59% not too long after.

Given their perchance on streaming length over critical reception, it may have been one of the key factors in its cancelation. They seem to balance viewership with cost, as around 60% of shows make it to a second season. For a long time, there was a running joke that Netflix would renew anything, but as they continue to grow, so does their audience analysis. These numbers highlight that their benchmarks are continuing to grow.

It’s strange though to see how strong the social media push was for the show, but it looks like it ended up being an underdog after all. The series has taken a challenging route by trying to appease mainstream audiences and streamlining what some might consider being the “holy grail” of Anime. It’s uncertain what it means for the future of Tomorrow Studios’ as they continue work on their upcoming One Piece series.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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