Netflix No Longer Moving Forward with ‘Shadow & Bone’

shadow and bone season 3

What was once hailed as one of the future flagship series for the streaming giant, it seems that Shadow & Bone is no longer moving forward on the streamer after two seasons. It’s one of many shows getting canceled, which also includes Glamorous, Agent Evlis, Captain Fall, and Farzar. It seems that while viewing numbers weren’t strong, to begin with, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes were the last nail in the coffin for these projects.

The strikes led to a lot of productions getting delayed and ended up with a pipeline logjam for 2024 and 2025 moving forward for the streamer. Not just that but the big gaps between seasons are also going to lead to a major drop in viewership numbers; something they are fearing for some projects that are currently starting to get production back up.

The Night Agent and One Piece broke out in a big way, which puts them in a nice spot to get picked up fast to start production soon, but it seems Shadow and Bone lost too much momentum to move forward with its third season. Many believed that the Grishaverse novels were going to see spinoffs get developed but on top of the delay, the series wasn’t in the top spot even as it held on to the Top 10 for five weeks. Sadly, that seems to be the end for the adaptation.

Source: Deadline

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