HBO Max Brasil Announces ‘The Batman’s Release for Next Week

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Even before The Batman hit theaters, there was the word making the rounds that under HBO Max’s new deal, the film would release at some point in April. It was hinted at that it might be within the 45-day window and would eventually get confirmed. Now, HBO Max Brasil has taken to its official Twitter account to announce that The Batman will hit its streaming service for no additional cost as of April 18th.

While the US account has yet to tweet the announcement, it does seem likely that it’ll release worldwide on the same date. It also coincides with the overall digital release that was planned for that time window. It’ll definitely cut into the film’s overall performance and maybe halt it from reaching the $800M it was currently building up to.

Still, this is a big win for those that haven’t had the chance to visit theaters, as the pandemic is still an issue worldwide. Plus, those that are a bit hesitant about sitting through a 3-hour film might now have their chance to break it up into pieces for their viewing comfort.

With the expansion of Matt Reeves‘ Batman-Verse moving forward on the service, it also makes sense they’d want to make it it’s permanent home moving forward. It’ll be interesting to see if it picks up a large audience when it hits the streamer just like The Suicide Squad did during its initial release. Here’s hoping that we’ll also get more announcements for the untitled Penguin-focused series to build up on the momentum.

Source: Twitter

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