Thor’s Indian Voice Actor Reveals Work Has Finished on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Missing Trailer

It looks like work on the first ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer is finalized, as revealed by Thor’s Indian voice actor.
thor love and thunder trailer

There’s been a heated discussion on when we might expect the official trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder to drop. It seemingly has broken the record of the latest a trailer has even been released for the studio, as the film continues to eye its July release window. Fans were hoping they might kick off the week with the trailer, but in a surprising twist, it seems they are just wrapping up work on the project.

Indian actor and Hindi voice actor Gaurav Chopraa may have accidentally confirmed that the trailer is in its final stages, as the dub voice actor for Thor shared a picture in his Instagram stories that highlight that they’ve just finished work on the trailer. As such, it may be a hint that it could follow sometime this week once it has been dubbed in all languages.

While many have shared some conspiracies on why exactly it has been delayed, it seems that work simply wasn’t quite finished on it. As these trailers are released worldwide nowadays, they have to ensure that most of the dubbing is also available at the time of its release.

So, that may have delayed some aspects of the film, as they continue working on the trailer, especially as they also have to finish some VFX that are specially made for the early preview. With it being wrapped up, here’s hoping the wait is almost over. Luckily, Chopraa‘s post in his Instagram stories will at least give some hope that the wait isn’t as long as it once believed to be.

Source: Instagram

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