UPDATE: Pedro Pascal In Talks for ‘Fantastic Four’

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UPDATE: After /Film revealed that Pedro Pascal has signed on for Fantastic Four, Deadline has reportedly shared that while he is definitely in talks: “a deal is far from done.” Supposedly it is heading in the right direction and while he’s busy the next year, scheduling will work out for him to take on the role. So, unless some big surprise drops, it seems very likely he’ll have the role.

Source: Deadline

Earlier today, there were rumors that a new frontrunner has emerged for the role of Reed Richards in the upcoming Fantastic Four film. Many have supposedly declined the role since the first wave of castings started but The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal surprisingly came out as the next potential person to take on the role.

Well, a new report by /Film has seemingly stated that not only was he offered the role but according to their sources he’s already signed on. The rumor started with Daniel RPK sharing that he was the next in line shortly followed by Jeff Sneider supporting the rumor. Though that’s not including the crazy rumors that have piled on before and during the pandemic.

For now, it’s still not a full confirmation but further hints that Marvel’s First Family might be slowly coming together on the big screen. A variety of actors have supposedly been up for the role ranging from Adam Driver to Matt Smith, as well as MCU veternals like John Krasinski (who even played a Variant of the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) and Spider-Man’s Jake Gyllenhaal.

The big question though is how he’ll juggle his roles in other projects like The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, and many more. He hasn’t been actively showing up in the Star Wars series and mainly focuses on voicing the character of Din Djarin, but scheduling conflicts with The Last of Us’ second season is definitely going to impact when Marvel Studios can start work on the Fantastic Four. Though given current developments it was going to need a bit more time anyway.

Source: /Film

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