Netflix Renews ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ for 2 More Seasons

vikings valhalla season 2

It’s been a busy day with the first look at Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, but Netflix isn’t going to give up the spotlight. They took to their Netflix Geeked account to announce that Vikings: Valhalla, their sequel to the original hit series exploring the history of its titular Norsemen, has not only been renewed for a second but even for a third season. They also have already finished production on the second season with a release planned in 2023. The third season will enter production this spring.

Valhalla isn’t a direct continuation of the original saga, as it takes place a hundred years after the original Vikings series, as we explore the aftermath of British betrayal and the rise of King Canute. We get a trio of new main characters in Leif Erikson–the man who would eventually be the first to set foot in the future Americas, his sister Freydis Eiriskdottir and Harald Sigurdsson. The first season not only follows the siege of London, and the inner conflict between Pagan and Christian Vikings. There were many layers throughout the first season and quite a few set-ups for the future. So, we’ll see if the inner turmoil has just begun.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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