Lucasfilm’s Micro-Management May Have Led to ‘Rogue Squadron’s Indefinite Delay

rogue squadron delay

A new piece by Puck from former THR editor Matthew Belloni has offered an update on why exactly Patty JenkinsRogue Squadron was delayed indefinitely. Initially, rumors had it pushed back until 2024, just a year away from its original release. Shortly after, we got the official word that it was postponed indefinitely and without any word of a project taking its place. The official word is that scheduling conflicts are the main reason, especially with Warner Bros. fast-tracking the third Wonder Woman film. So, Star Wars‘ cinematic future remains uncertain but it looks like there might be more to this story.

In a new piece on the site Puck, they report that a significant lack of Star Wars films is mainly due to the company behind them, Lucasfilm. According to their sources, Jenkins couldn’t agree on a script with the executives, which naturally drags out any talks. The issue sadly isn’t uncommon in the industry but seems to have especially become an internal one with Lucasfilm. They cite that the new trilogies that were in development, one by Game of ThronesDavid Benioff, and Dan Weiss as well as one by The Last Jedi‘s Rian Johnson‘s, both got shelved due to the same issues.

The article highlights Kathleen Kennedy‘s role in the company’s current development. She’s the president of the company and has an important role in keeping the machine running. Yet, it seems that their hands-on approach is damaging their relationship with directors and talent within the industry. Phil Lord and Chris Miller famously kicked from their own production only for Ron Howard to take over directing duties. So, it opens up the question of what this direction for Lucasfilm might mean for the franchise if one of the hottest properties in the industry is burning bridges.

Source: Puck, IndieWire

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