The Tivan Collection: Marvel Legends Ikaris

Marvel Studios Eternals is now in theaters and the Marvel Legends Eternals wave is readily available in stores and online. Previously, we took a look at the 6″ Marvel Legends Makkari and the Deluxe 6″ Marvel Legends Kro. Now, we’ve gotten our hands on a 6″ Ikaris and are ready to have a look!

Of the Eternals in the film, Ikaris is the really the only one whose powers could translate to a collectible figure of this nature. While Makkari’s super-speed looked amazing in the film, it’s not something that can easily be simulated for a Marvel Legend. Ikaris, on the other hand, has the ability emit energy blasts from his eyes and that is nicely teased here with an alternate head complete with some energy effects. So while, as mentioned in the Makkari review, the wave is one of Marvel’s most minimalist, this figure does allow for collectors to recreate one of the film’s iconic moments and one Ikaris’ most iconic comic book poses:

It seems like store shelves are pretty well-stocked with the Eternals wave, so should you be a completist collector of MCU-inspired Marvel Legends, you should have no problem adding Ikaris to your collection. If you’re buying to complete the wave’s BAF, Gilgamesh, Ikaris is not a necessity, as he doesn’t include a piece, but the figure is probably the most impressive of the line.

The Eternals are a race of immortal aliens from a distant planet who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago to protect humanity from a race of alien predators called Deviants. The Eternals were alerted to the Deviant threat by the Celestials, a race of cosmic builders whose fingerprints are on the very building blocks of life itself. Ages 4 and up.

The 6″ Marvel Legends Ikaris is in stock and available for order on Entertainment Earth for $22.99.

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