Matt Fraction Was a Consulting Producer on Disney+’s ‘Hawkeye’

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The upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye takes many visual and story beats from the popular Matt Fraction and David Aja‘s run on the character. My Life as a Weapon took a more personal approach with the character, as he took care of an apartment building from a local gang called the Tracksuit Mafia. Of course, he’s not superhuman and gets injured quite a bit on the way. So, he also relies on his protégé, Kate Bishop. Hailee Steinfeld will join the MCU in the iconic role. It looks like Fraction did more than just offer the inspiration, but revealed in an interview with The Ringer that he was also part of the production as a consulting producer.

I am, I think, credited as consulting producer, though, I’d have to check with my agent and probably just read the credits, but it’s the best because I get to take all the credit. And I get to cast glory and David and Annie and hope none of the blame. I read scripts and offered thoughts. And that was in sort of throughout the process.

Matt Fraction

In the same interview, he revealed that he also was supposed to play a member of the Tracksuit Mafia during production, but it ended up getting cut due to the pandemic making things a bit difficult.

I was supposed to be a tracksuit. It was gonna fit, but between COVID, [this] was before shots were really happening and my immunocompromised mother lives with us and traveling was kind of a thing. And we got a pandemic puppy. So between quite feeling cool to travel and a puppy, I didn’t get to be a tracksuit. So I was this close to being a tracksuit. Other than that consultant producer.

Matt Fraction

Source: The Ringer

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