REVIEW: ‘Hanna’s Final Season Ends on an Aimless Spark

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The most important thing that Amazon Prime’s Hanna gets across in its third and final season is the reality that our titular protagonist needs to face. It’s perfectly summed up when Hanna points out that “even if you gave me the life I wanted, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I only know how to fight.” Esme Creed-Miles’ performance continues to carry most of the show, as she gives us a character that is world-weary and on her way to completing her mission once again. Yet, it seems the story has forgotten that along the way.

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The show’s first two season’s explored the dark tale of human trafficking and how the government corrupts young women by turning them into soldiers. They are trained to carry out deadly missions while integrating into society seamlessly. Up until now, the bureaucrats behind these missions were faceless but with a clear objective: eliminate perceived threats at all cost may they be for political or tactical reasons. In this six-episode final season, the modus operandi still applies yet now we have a face behind the bureaucrats.

Hanna is once again fighting for something bigger than herself. Yet, she’s pushed by something she hasn’t been in the past, love. That very thing will have her acting irrational and sloppy in ways we haven’t seen to this point, which is a jarring change in comparison to the last few seasons. It’s quite the departure from a character who’s had a very clear-cut goal in mind only to fall back on something only recently introduced. Hanna’s romance at times brings the show to a halt. The character was already strong on its own merits and it feels like the entire plot point was unnecessary. It’s a narrative that you’d wish wasn’t there at all times. 

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The final season surprisingly cut its episode length down to six rather than the usual eight. Until now, the main issue was it didn’t feel like there was enough story to carry viewers throughout its run. You could make a comparison to many Netflix shows including unnecessary filler episodes. Yet, this season is the opposite, as you’ll end up wishing for more time to spend with Hanna and her relationship with Marissa (brought to life once again through a strong performance by Mireille Enos). Of course, there’s time spent between them but it should’ve been given more focus. It is the show’s core built throughout the last few seasons that seemed sidelined as a result.

Hanna and Marissa face a very capable foe this time around in Ray Liotta’s Gordon Evans. His intimidation of Marissa drudges up some memories from her past that offer a look into her childhood and how long they’ve stuck with her. It offers some insight into her main motivation throughout the series and why she is so attached to Hanna. Plus, Liotta brings it aggressively here and proves to be dangerous in a way neither of our protagonistsTactically he’s one step ahead and personally, he’s in one of their heads. He’s a welcome addition to the cast as an uncompromising adversary.

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As the season progresses it becomes more apparent that there could’ve been more time spent with some of the supporting cast, especially Sandy (Aine Rose Daly) and Jules (Gianna Kiehl). They’re victims of UTRAX just like Hanna. So, while they play into the conclusion, it feels like they were undercut. The ongoing rivalry between Sandy and Hanna at least gets a conclusion, there could’ve been more time devoted to it. We never spend enough time on why Sandy despises her and continue to build on their relationship, especially with how this season manages its international espionage. In the case of Jules, it feels like she’s shoehorned her into the closing conflict. These are two supporting characters that have seen a lot of development so far yet ended up as afterthoughts.

Still, the action in this show remains sublime and very enjoyable. The abbreviated season gives actions more weight and allows it to explore an overall darker theme. It also continues to build on its greatest strengths, such as the international locations offering a wonderful viewing experience. If you’re a fan of Hanna, this is a conclusion that fits the bill of who the character is. It’s not without its faults, especially in how some elements felt underutilized, but still offers a fitting end. Much like the show itself, you can’t have everything you want but you enjoy the time you have.

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