‘Stargirl’: Sportsmaster and Tigress to Return for Season 2

At the end of Stargirl‘s first season, we saw the downfall of the Injustice Society at the hands of the new Justice Society of America. Among those members were the standouts Sportsmaster and Tigress. The last time we saw them, they were lying unconscious within the ISA base after a shattering defeat at the hands of Hourman and Stargirl. It was never made clear if the dangerous duo had been arrested or was able to escape. Well, it looks like we’ll soon find out, as both Tigress and Sportsmaster will make a brief return in the sophomore season of Stargirl.

Sportsmaster actor, Neile Hopkins, took to Instagram to confirm that he and Joy Osmanski were both returning to set for what might be a single episode. They aren’t suited up, so they might get interrogated for information on the latest enemies, Eclipso and Shade. So, it could be just a brief appearance. Hopkins also confirms that director Lea Thompson would be returning to direct the upcoming season. It is unclear if she will only be working on one episode, but a return is nonetheless exciting, as her work on the previous season was nothing short of great.



Stargirl‘s second season is still in production with no set release date. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see it release around the same time, as its first season. It made its debut around mid-May, which would seem like a fitting estimate. The second season will see the team face the might of Eclipso after Cindy Burman accidentally released him from his crystalline prison. He will be working alongside veteran ISA member Shade to keep the newly established next-generation JSA on their toes.

SOURCE: Instagram

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