Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Pulls in 18.5M Views in First 4 Days

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It looks like One Piece is definitely doing numbers, even if it’s still hard to say if Netflix deems this worthy enough to continue with multiple seasons. The first numbers are in and over its first 4 days on Netflix, the series is firmly placed at #1 with 18.5M views that amass 140.10M hours watched across its eight-episode run. That isn’t bad for a start and if it keeps up a strong momentum in the upcoming weeks, there’s definitely a lot of potential moving forward.

It didn’t quite pull in the same hours as Wednesday and Stranger Things S4, which stand at 341.2M hours and 286.79M hours respectively. Yet, it should also be noted that it beat its own record recently. After jumping to the top spot in 84 markets, it grew to 86 needs after a short drop in its fourth day. It should be noted there was some confusion on the record it broke as the one that was referenced was the week release, which One Piece didn’t quite manage the same way given its tough competition with an overperforming Who is Erin Carter? in its second week.

That means it’s showing some strong word-of-mouth and even beat its previous record that was initially set by the series mentioned above. However, how it’s in the top #1 more with fewer hours viewed is currently uncertain how it is measured (lack of transparency be damned).

One thing of note is that it did perform seemingly better than The Witcher S3 which opened to 15.2M and is currently the biggest opener since they reformed their data back in June. So, this might give it a bit of a boost for Netflix seeing the potential of letting this series grow beyond with multiple seasons; though just a season two renewal during a strike would be good enough. Here’s hoping that the coming weeks see it hold tight to that top spot and continue to grow throughout September.

Source: Twitter, Flixpatrol, Twitter

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