Emilia Clarke’s Character Acting Suspicious in Latest ‘Secret Invasion’ Set Video

secret invasion emilia clarke

In a series titled Secret Invasion, we suspect a lot of foul play throughout the series. What doesn’t help is that quite a few spies will be involved in the series, which is the perfect recipe to keep people on their toes. A new set video has found its way online featuring Emilia Clarke in the same outfit we saw previously. It also adds a bit more to the scenes we saw featuring her and Cobie Smulders, who is returning as Maria Hill.

The video features Clarke‘s character walking by a building only to return back. It seems reports from the set, as this is part of LeedsLive’s Facebook stream, is that she is looking around nervously and acting suspiciously. Plus, she and Hill seem to know each other, which adds some more confusion to her behavior. Ther’s always a chance she ends up being a Skrull, but she may also just be a former SHIELD spy meeting back up with her.

We have no official word on Clarke‘s character and we might not find out for some time, but it does add to the intrigue of what exactly is going on during these scenes. It’s always fun to see what the scene looks like when we see what the sequence looks like once they release it on Disney+. There are quite a few people waiting outside the barriers, which may be the reason we’ve gotten so many set videos and photos since they started their production.

Source: Facebook via Twitter

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