Disney+’s ‘Mighty Ducks’ Series Found Its New Male Lead in Josh Duhamel

mighty ducks josh duhamel

It looks like The Mighty Ducks Disney+ series has found its new lead, as Josh Duhamel has been announced to fill the gap that is left behind with Emilio Estevez leaving the project. He originally was going to return for the second season, but there were rumors that conflicts regarding the series COVID restrictions may have led to his departure. Supposedly, there were also creative differences that played a key factor in why he and Disney went their separate ways on this project.

Duhamel is set to play a new character named Gavin Cole, who runs an intense summer hockey institute. He was once an NHL player that became a coach with the description of being “inspirational, charming, and hardcore as he is big on the hockey metaphor that applies to life.” So, the kids might be in for a tough training session in the upcoming second season. It won’t be the same without Estevez‘s Gordon Bombay, but it’ll be interesting to see what Duhamel might offer to mix up the formula.

The second season will be run by Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith, who created the series together with the film’s director Steven Brill. Outside of Estevez, most of the cast will return for the second season, such as Lauren Graham and Brady Noon. The series currently has no production start date or release date for its second season.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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