REPORT: New Character Breakdowns for ‘Dead Boy Detectives’

A new report has unveiled a slew of character breakdowns for the forthcoming Dead Boy Detectives series, including Thomas The Cat King.

The upcoming Dead Boy Detectives spin-off is currently casting as it prepares to shoot its pilot before it is greenlit for an ongoing series. 

Dead Boy Detectives is looking to cast a few more characters to its cast, the first being Thomas The Cat King. Thomas is described as a man in his late 20’s to early ’30s but one that has been around for centuries, He is also a bit of a predator, feline-like, and darkly fun. Thomas will always keep his word, but one should never really be trusted, listed as a series regular, and is eyeing Andrew Horton to star.

The next character is Jenny Green, described as a kind and optimistic punk butcher who is an amateur at love with a hard outer shell. Jenny becomes a good friend and confidant to one of the lead characters, Crystal Palace. The show is also looking to cast the character Niko Sasaki. Niko is described as being charming and sincere but is obsessed with the hopes of one day falling in love. She is also obsessed with an anime known as ‘Case Closed’ and is bent on joining the Dead Boy Detective Agency. Both characters are described as series regulars.

One of the final characters looking to be cast is Esther Corvus. Production is looking for an actress in the 40-50-year-old range and is described as a very direct and “take what she wants’ kind of person, with a Stevie Knicks in her Fleetwood Mac prime type of vibe. She is seen as a threat and an adversary of the Dead Boy Detectives in Port Townsend. Another series regular for the show.

The final character looks to be our main antagonist, with the show seeking to cast an actor 18 or older to play the host of the demon David. David is described as crude, scornful, and hostile, with a nasty hankering for raw fish. He is the one who stole Crystal’s memories and will do anything he can to get her back. Davids’s host is described as a recurring guest star.

Dead Boy Detectives currently has no set release date as it has yet to be greenlit for a full series order.

SOURCE: Illuminerdi

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