Murphy’s Team-Up, Volume 7: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Thoughts

The long awaited final trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home is here. Team MM shares their thoughts.

Mary Maerz

Was it worth the dramatic wait? Not really. Was it worth some kind of wait? Sure. By (unsurprisingly) not giving away any of the BIG reveals, it still kind of feels like a bit of a let down to me. Even though not much will actually be a surprise at this point, I still would have liked to see a bit more of a tease to the other Spider-People. I do really like the more sinister tone going on, and the references to all the villains’ fates being death by other Spideys (and Peter presumably not wanting to send them back to their deaths) gives it a bit more of a plot, BUT it’s still very fluffy and vague since they are avoiding a lot. But yay, action action. Doctor Strange is weird to me still. It bothers me more than anything, but his at least partially-antagonistic role is cool.

Hunter Radesi

The first full length trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home delivers on all the promises the studio already made, but none that the fans had been holding out hope for. It’s definitely a good time, and I found myself grinning like an idiot when all the villains of Spider-Man past made their big debut, but something about it almost felt a little less grand than expected. I’m hoping that simply means Sony has learned to save the good stuff for the actual movie.

Oh, and that quick look at Electro has me buzzing more than anything else. Bring on the goofy comic book goodness!

Charles Murphy

Since finding out what this movie would be all about, I haven’t really been excited. I really wanted this film to be a showcase for Tom Holland as Spider-Man, exploring parts of the character that we haven’t seen so far. I’ve been worried that we wouldn’t get that. This trailer does seem to indicate that we will get a much bigger dose of that than I thought. I’m still not super hyped up to see the movie (though I absolutely loved the Foxx’s new look as Electro), but I do have more hope for it being a story about the MCU’s Peter Parker than I did before.

Joao Pinto

I have just two major takeaways after watching the trailer. One is an interesting development where Doc Ock appears not to be an outright villain and even though he’ll play Peter’s antagonist he might also play a part in helping him both understand and get through the situation he finds himself in. The other one is the omission of all the characters that will help to even the playing field in Peter’s favor. The trailer already does explain a lot of what’s going on: the reason why so many characters from other franchises show up, who’s to blame for that and why they all seek Peter so it’s good to still have a few things to look forward to. Other than that, it does do a good job hyping up the movie. See you in a month’s time.

Filip Manka

I was looking forward to the second trailer of NWH because the first one left me unsatisfied. And the second one… also. I’m not a fan of this trailer. It lacks structure and there is a lot of narrative chaos in it. The CGI and the teaser for the 3rd act looks pretty weak and I hope it looks better in the movie itself. The parallels to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” on the other hand are cheap nostalgia bait for the fans. On the other hand, there are some nice shots and it feels like it will be an emotional culmination of the trilogy. I am once again confused and wish the movie itself would positively surprise me.

Anthony Canton III

The two biggest things about this trailer are firstly Tom’s Peter Parker story. We have something to grasp on now as he tries deal with the idea of letting these villains die. How that plays into the conflict with Dr. Strange will be incredibly fascinating. The other is the fate of one of Peter’s loved ones. It feels like by Peter interfering with destiny he’s going to be responsible for a death, and it’s going to be heartbreaking for him, and heartbreaking for us.

Arlyn Murphy

The trailer made me overly excited for the movie to come out. I really liked that they brought in different characters that are from the other two universes. Seeing them tie in the previous Spider-Man stories into the MCU is very exciting for me. With all the villains from the previous movies in the film I expect Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to show up too.

Nathan Miller

I’ve seen mixed responses to this trailer, which I think I share. In some ways it’s a perfectly Peter Parker scenario that Spidey finds himself in. Feeling obliged to try and save antagonists from their fate, that he, or his variants, may be responsible for. I like the Alfred Molina content in this trailer. In that sense, it’s a brilliant trailer for casual viewers who don’t know what else might be coming and will be truly surprised in the cinema when they see it. On the other hand, with all the hype surrounding the film the lack of freshness means more waiting for the excitement to be pushed forward, in which case it might be best to check-out of paying attention to the marketing for now, until tickets go on sale.

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