RUMOR: Episode Lenght of ‘She-Hulk’s Premiere Potentially Revealed

she hulk runtime

Just as we near the release of a Marvel Studios project, it seems like the runtime for whatever is about to hit the Disneye+ streaming service finds its way online. With She-Hulk: Attorney at Law just around the corner, the tradition seemingly continues. Amit Chaudhari, who has reliable shared episode lengths for various episodes in the past, has done the same for the upcoming premiere of the latest Marvel series. She-Hulk will be the first half-hour comedy series since WandaVision back in January 2021 and it seems that the first episode is going to run for around 35 min, which includes credits.

We also have to consider that the runtimes can differ slightly between countries, but this is mostly by a few minutes as each country adds additional minutes due to the dub voice cast inclusions. Not every country includes the same list and that is what leads to some runtimes going beyond a minute or two. Still, without credits, it seems that the episode count might be around the 30-minute mark which will range from episode to episode.

It’s surprising they aren’t going for a two-episode premiere but it’s great to see them shake things up from one project to the next. While their initial intentions were likely to offer a balance between six-episode dramas and this nine-episode comedy, the pandemic certainly shook things up giving the dramas a more dominant standing. We’ll see what the future has in store.

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