RUMOR: ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ May Include an ‘Eternals’ Reference

guardians of the galaxy eternals

It looks like James Gunn may still be busy filming the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. While he shared a wrap gift with only a few more days to go on production, as he is working on both the special and Vol. 3, it was unclear what exactly is being filmed at the time. Perhaps a new rumor not only hints at what they are working on but even includes a great little tie-in to the overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to The Hashtag Show’s Hunter Bolding, he shared a tweet that they are currently filming something on Hollywood Blvd. While he can’t confirm which production it is, the Christmas decorations seem to hint that it is in fact the Guardians special. The biggest reveal is that it seems there are various posters of Kingo at the location. We last saw Kumail Nanjiani‘s character in 2021’s Eternals. He’s a Bollywood star and it’s a fun Easter egg to include if they are filming at the Chinese Theater.

Twitter user @PokeDan4 has shared a video from the set that confirms they are in fact filming at the Chinese Theater. The only thing is that it’s hard to make out any posters featuring Kingo.

Of course, there are no details on what poster it might be but it’ll be something fun to find for those keeping an eye out. It does also open up the question if we’ll see the return of Nathan Fillion, who was cast as Simon Williams but his cameo was cut from the film. So, we’ll see if he might get a second chance to pay tribute to what almost was.

Updated 4/29/22:

A new video has surfaced giving us a clear look at a poster featuring Kumail Nanjiani‘s Kingo!

Source: Twitter

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