Rumored Namor Actor Tenoch Huerta Learned Mayan for ‘Black Panther 2’

black panther tenoch huerta

There’s been a lot of discussions surrounding the many rumors in regard to Tenoch Huerta‘s role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, there are many rumors pointing to him tackling a very different take on the iconic anti-hero known as Namor the Submariner. Huerta was one of the first casting announcements for the film and has been hidden for quite some time in regards to who he might end up playing. Now, a new piece by Vice on his efforts to fight racism in Mexico also includes a rather curious detail.

According to Vice, who very openly writes that he is playing Namor in the upcoming sequel, they highlighted that the Huerta has been busy learning the Mayan language for a role that he spent months filming in Atlanta. This may seem small at first, but it actually further adds to the weight that the MCUs take on Atlantis will be quite different and explore the sunken city as part of Mayan culture. A recent crew gift featuring a Mayan Jaguar god, mirroring Wakanda’s own deity, also further hinted at this new origin.

At this point, it does seem safe to say that they are very likely heading in this direction and it’s bizarre that they still haven’t confirmed the casting so far. Perhaps they are letting the rumors spiral similar to Spider-Man: No Way Home before catching everyone’s attention with the trailer. They kept Christian Bale‘s Gorr the God Butcher a “secret” until the second trailer and they may be taking a similar direction with the marketing. We’ll see if this works in their favor and how people react to the new addition to the MCU.

Source: Vice

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