Warner Bros. Discovery Has No Plans to Recast ‘The Flash’s Ezra Miller

the flash recast

Controversies have been piling on since Ezra Miller‘s escapades in Hawaii have led to them pulling in quite a bit of bad press for Warner Bros. Discovery’s upcoming The Flash film. As they are currently busy restructuring the company, it seemed like they may make some harsh decisions regarding the film and its future, especially as we’ve seen many other actors end up getting replaced due to mounting controversies, such as Mads Mikkelsen taking over for Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Yet, it seems that this won’t happen for The Flash.

In a new piece by Variety, they talk about the fact that if they decided to replace Miller, they’d be forced to reshoot the entire film. They are supposedly in pretty much every scene and it would require magic to find a way to replace them in the film. It’s already at a point where it could be deemed very risky even releasing in theaters given how often the production on The Flash was pushed back with Warner Bros. losing writers and directors at an alarming rate.

Variety points out that it costs way too much money to scrap and to turn a profit the film has to release in theaters. Miller‘s involvement with the before-mentioned Fantastic Beasts was also kept at a minimum, as it was released just as the controversies hit their peak. Yet, it’s a bit more complicated when they are playing the main title role. They already postponed the film, once again, by an entire year, and with a mid-2023 release, there’s quite a lot of time to let the controversy “pass by” as costs simply keep mounting for Warner Bros.

Source: Variety

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