REVIEW: Season 3 of ‘The Boys’ is a Chaotic Ride Worth the Trip

The third season of Prim Video’s The Boys is a thrilling, chaotic ride that features a hell of a turn from series newbie Jensen Ackles.
The Boys season 3

Over the course of two seasons, Prime Video’s The Boys has quickly become one of the best superhero series on the small screen. It achieved this not only due to its stellar cast, which is led by Karl Urban‘s Butcher, but also the willingness to play into campiness and gore. So, it’s not entirely surprising that Season 3 of The Boys decided to push the limits even more. Perhaps there are no moments nearly as memorable as a self-pleasuring Homelander as seen at the end of Season 2, but the series manages to successfully make use of its eight episodes in ways most shows could only hope to do.

Following the events of Season 2, The Boys kicks off its third season still dealing with the aftershock of Stormfront. Naturally, her true nature has divided fans of the Seven – those that agree with her, aka Nazis, are upset over what happened to her. While others are glad to see her go. The person struggling the most, however, isn’t Stormfront. It is evident he loved her, but as this is Homelander, there’s also a sense of arrogance as he struggles to deal with his feelings. He’s very much still the unpredictable man-child we’ve seen before, and it seems Stormfront’s predicament has only made him worse. He’s more volatile than usual, and is no longer keen to be the poster boy of Vought.

As entertaining as his shenanigans can be, they do quickly become tiresome, though. Thankfully, the creatives seemed to understand it was time to introduce a new character to focus on because as great as it is to see the boys eager to takedown Homelander, the story can become stale at times: Enter Jensen Ackles‘ Soldier Boy. Perhaps the most developed character in the series, Soldier Boy brings with him a much-needed energy boost to the latest season.

His story is set up perfectly to weave a new and exciting tale that ultimately ties together with the Boys and their original mission with ease. More importantly, though, Ackles‘ Soldier Boy plays off of Urban‘s Butcher perfectly. When the two are together on screen, it’s hard to look away, which is saying something given Urban‘s onscreen chemistry with his team members. These two are dynamite.

Those that are eager to see the series move away from trying to takedown Vought should be excited to know that The Boys Season 3 finally gives its secondary characters time to shine. This isn’t just a story about Butcher and his journey of revenge anymore. It’s not all about Robin and Becca. And while Ryan is an essential character this season, this isn’t a story that’s centered around him either. The overall theme seems to be that of family and self-discovery, and it’s the best dang decision the writers made this go-round. Heroes that viewers might’ve hated before? They’re given the chance to flourish. While others that the audience might’ve liked before? Well, there’s a good chance viewers will be rethinking their favorites by season’s end.

One of the most exciting parts of The Boys has always been its willingness to poke fun at other comic book properties. Yes, there are moments of predictability, but Season 3 has largely moved away from those moments. It’s chaotic in the best type of ways and is a hell of a ride that’ll leave viewers smiling by the season’s end. As for what lies in store for Season 4, it’s clear the writers still have plenty of stories left to explore, and it seems likely the crazy train is a ways off from stopping.

Overall: The Boys Season 3 is a bumpy ride full of chaotic twists and turns and a hell of a performance by series newbie Jensen Ackles.

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