‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Footage Description Reveals New Cast, Plot Details

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, fans are finally getting more news on Sony Animation’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The animated sequel to 2018’s surprise hit held a presentation at the annual Annecy Festival, where a series of new clips revealed a few more famous faces will be joining the film’s cast. Jason Schwartzman was formally announced as the main villain of the project, voicing lesser-known baddie The Spot in another inter-dimensional conflict for Miles Morales. On top of this, a few other classic Spider-Man characters were confirmed to be making appearances in his latest cinematic outing.

The first clip played by Sony took place in the world of Hailee Steinfeld‘s Spider-Gwen. Her universe is described as being beautiful, designed with watercolors, paper textures, and layered brush strokes. There, we finally see Gwen’s father, the revered police Captain George Stacy, responding to a disturbance at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The elder Stacy will be voiced by veteran actor Shea Whigham. However, Gwen beats her pops to the scene, where she bumps into a couple surprise guests.

Two other Spider-People are already there, in the form of previously announced cast members Oscar Isaac and Issa Rae. The former’s Spider-Man 2099 is described as not having spider-sense or natural powers, and instead relies on a heavily technological suit. He has claws for climbing, super strength, a flying wing suit, and “a giant laser web.” Rae‘s Spider-Woman, on the other hand, is called “a certified badass.” Jessica Drew is also shown to be pregnant, confirming the movie will lift an element from Dennis Hopeless‘ recent comic book run on the character.

Also there is an “anachronistic” version of The Vulture, voiced by Jorma Taccone. It’s implied this Vulture is from a separate timeline, though not specified which. This will be the third character played by Taccone in the franchise, after giving life to the Green Goblin and Spider-Man ’67 in the first entry. Another brief clip played after this features Miles running late for a meeting with his parents and his school counselor, set to be played by the incomparable Rachel Dratch. Unfortunately, his day is ruined when the aforementioned Spot shows up to throw a wrench in all of reality.

More will be revealed when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hits theaters on June 2nd, 2023.

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