BTS Footage Shows Oscar Isaac Prepping for Marvel Studios ‘Moon Knight’

We’re one series and one episode into Marvel Studios streaming experiment and one thing that feels safe to say is that these series are going to box of chocolates route and that each one is going to be unique and, in some cases, surprising. While The Falcon and The Winter Soldier looks and feels very much like the MCU we know from the big screen, after watching WandaVision we know that Marvel Studios One-Above-All is willing to take some chances and wander into previously uncharted territory. None of Marvel Studios currently announced D+ series scream “uncharted territory” like Moon Knight and today, thanks to an IG post, we have what appears to be our first look at star Oscar Isaac prepping for his role as The Fist of Khonshu.

At first glance it’s easy to say that this could be Isaac training for any role or even just rolling around in the gym to stay in shape; however, the fact that it was tagged #TheOneYouSeeComing SCREAMS Moon Knight to comic readers, such as those on our Discord server who pointed it out to us. As you can see in the panel below (taken from issue 5 of Warren Ellis‘ 2014 Moon Knight run), the hashtagged saying is a direct quote from one of Marc Spector’s alters, Mr. Knight.

The quote stems from the longstanding idea that unlike most heroes (including Batman, to whom he is often compared) Spector dons a bright white costume to make sure he’s entirely visible to the criminals who try to hide in the darkness of the night. More important than the quote is the impressive nature of Isaac’s work on the mat. If this is any indication of the type of action we can expect to see when Moon Knight streams next year, we are all in for a very special treat.

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