Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy Would Work Much Better on ‘Doom Patrol’

Titans’ Beast Boy would work much better on Doom Patrol, where he’d have much more to do.

It is not news to anyone that Ryan Potter is quite underutilized in Titans, with the character constantly being sidelined and given little to no character progression. The show introduced Beast Boy as one of the original four members of the new Titans when Rachel stumbled upon a green tiger in the woods. Doom Patrol remains one of Titans’ most exciting episodes, introducing us to one of comics’ most outlandish heroes, and paving the way for their inevitable spin-off. But I believe things would’ve been much better for Garfield Logan if he never left Doom Manor, and carried over into Doom Patrol.

Now, of course, our main Doom Patrol is not the same one from Titans, a brand new universe that saw Crazy Jane in what could be considered Beast Boys’ spot, and bringing in Cyborg as an additional member to the team. But with how Titans has handled Ryan Potter’s character, he would’ve fit so much better on Doom Patrol, and would’ve been given an actual storyline aside from meandering around Wayne Manor like a lost puppy. 

Doom Patrol should be able to introduce its very own iteration of the character, bringing back Ryan Potter, and allowing that friendship between Beast Boy and Cyborg. The two work incredibly well together, especially with Cyborg’s current internal turmoil as he struggles to find the line between man or machine. Beast Boy is an orphaned survivor of a mysterious illness. It’s this illness that allows him to unzip his genetic structure and become whatever animal he can think of; an unlimited and outlandish potential that could result in such a wild storyline if actually given the focus. It’s something Doom Patrol can handle, unlike Titans

Beast Boy obviously never ended up at Doom Manor in this universe. If he had, it would allow the show to welcome a fresh take on the character. The series tends to include a sort of ‘revolving door’ approach to its characters each season — introducing Jane in season 2, and Madame Rouge in season 3. Ryan Potter‘s take on the Garfield Logan is wasted on Titans. The actor brings so much charisma and excitement to the role. Unfortunately, though he has become one of the show’s many punching bags, and is given nothing to work with. It’s time to let him shine over on Doom Patrol.

A new episode of Doom Patrol drops every Thursday on HBO Max.

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