‘She-Hulk’ Actor Confirms Role as Leap-Frog, not Frog-Man

Dozens of fans can now rest easy. In an interview at the green carpet premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, actor Brandon Stanley confirmed that the frog-based character seen in promotional footage for the show is indeed Leap-Frog (as reported here) and not Frog-Man, as most fans believed.

Stanley’s comments also reveal that the character will indeed be a mash-up of both amphibian-inspired characters from the comics (as first reported here). In She-Hulk, Stanley will be playing Eugene Patilio and using the moniker of Leap-Frog. In the comics, Eugene, who goes by Frog-Man, is the son of Vincent Patilio, a Daredevil villain who goes by Leap-Frog. Since it’s unlikely the MCU is willing to invest the time into a multi-generational Patilio saga, they’ve combined the characters into one: Eugene Patilio, aka Leap-Frog.

Interestingly enough, Stanley indicates that Leap-Frog is a hero in the show. In the comics, Eugene, who went by Frog-Man, followed that trend even recently appearing as an ally to Tony Stark in the current, ongoing Iron Man run. It seems likely from the footage that She-Hulk might feature Leap-Frog undergoing some sort of cathartic rebirth as he is certainly squaring off with Daredevil (who is just off camera) in one of the trailers.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts August 18th on Disney Plus. Leap-Frog debuts sometime later!

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