First Look at Titania, Leap-Frog and More in ‘She-Hulk’ Teaser

The rumors of a lengthy delay to Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series She-Hulk have been debunked with the first teaser for the series debuting and the release date is officially revealed. The teaser also gave fans their first looks at the supporting cast of the show, including Jameela Jamil’s updated Titania, and a surprise appearance by a Daredevil baddie that’s sure to have everyone Wiki-ing away.

Jamil‘s role in the series had hardly been a secret, with reports dating back nearly a year ago that she’d be bringing Titania to live-action. Described as a Kardashian-esque influencer, Jamil‘s version of the character looks to be an incredibly modernized version of the comic character, first introduced in the 1984 event, Secret Wars.

Finally, Daredevil baddie Leap-Frog made a surprise appearance in the teaser, proving that no character is off-limits in this series. The character first made his appearance in the comics over 50 years ago in Daredevil #25 and had a wildly unsuccessful career as a villain despite being a genius inventor. Leap-Frog’s son took over the suit and going by the name Frog-Man, became a hero who was eventually part of The Initiative. It seems that, in the MCU, the character will be a mish-mash of father and son.

You can watch the full trailer here:

She-Hulk will begin streaming on Disney Plus on August 17th.

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