First ‘She-Hulk’ Trailer Reveals New Title for Disney+ Series

After a long wait, the first trailer finally arrived for Disney+’s She-Hulk. We’ve only gotten a glimpse at the project during last year’s Disney+ Day alongside a new logo, but that was only the tease of what’s to come. The project also got a new logo at the time, which was closer to its Law & Order inspirations rather than the comic-inspired logo. It seems that it got another revamp and a new logo going along with it, as the Marvel Studios series is now titled She-Hulk, Attorney At Law.


Now, the title certainly highlights the comedy series’ strong focus on procedural, as we’ll likely spend a lot of time with the titular heroine trying to fight her way through one lawsuit after another. Yet, it also may have caught the attention of some that are fans of Cartoon Network’s earliest Adult Swim era. The title seems like a tribute to Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

If it is intended, the tribute makes a lot of sense given the way that the animated series featured a former superhero acting as an attorney. He would have various iconic characters from Hanna-Barbera’s animation history pop in for various lawsuits, no matter how crazy they may have been. We’ve even written a piece in December of 2020 about how She-Hulk should echo that series given its perchance to also break the fourth wall. Maybe we even get some appearances of Gary Cole or Stephen Colbert, which would be a nice little touch to pay tribute to the iconic Adult Swim series.

She-Hulk will begin streaming on Disney+ on August 17th.

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