Ava DuVernay’s Animated ‘Wings of Fire’ Adaptation Canceled by Netflix

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It hasn’t been easy for Ava DuVernay‘s projects as of late. Not only did her New Gods project get canceled by Warner Bros but her new CW series adaptation of Naomi won’t be returning for a second season. Now, it looks like her animated adaptation of the Wings of Fire‘s fantasy book series.

It looks like her series is one of many animated series that were cut as a result of Netflix’s recent subscriber drop. The adaptation would’ve explored Tui T. Sutherland’s books, which would’ve run for a ten-episode season. It explores an ongoing war between dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. A prophecy proclaimed that five young dragons would lead to peaceful times, who would set out on a quest to uncover themselves and just what led to the war in the first place.

Dan Milano and Christa Starr were working on the project as showrunners and executive producers. DuVernay and Sutherland were also executive producing alongside Sam Register and Sarah Bremner. Sadly, Netflix has generally been on a cancelation spree with their projects, which also included Boons and Curses, Dino Daycare, and Pearl.

The news also comes in addition to recent mumblings that 150 people are about to lose their job, as their revenue growth has slowed down. Netflix right now is weighing its options and those productions that are further in may not be affected, but it seems they have set their eyes on animation as their main way to save money moving forward when it comes to active pre-productions.

Source: Deadline

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