Mark Ruffalo Comments on a Potential ‘World War Hulk’ Film

Over his years working as Bruce Banner in the MCU, actor Mark Ruffalo has proven to be a bit of a leaky faucet when it comes to top-secret Marvel Studios information. To that end, Marvel Studios One-Above-All, Kevin Feige, was probably sweating last night as Entertainment Tonight approached Ruffalo at the green carpet premiere of the studio’s upcoming Disney Plus streaming series, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

To their credit, ET came out of the gate hard, asking Ruffalo about a potential World War Hulk film, a project that was first reported nearly a year ago by KC Walsh to be in development at the studio. To his credit, Ruffalo didn’t give anything away, this time, simply stating, “Any time they want to do it, I’m here.

While 2008’s The Incredible Hulk was the second MCU film, a sequel has never materialized due to a distribution deal between Marvel Studios and Universal. Interestingly enough, evidence recently surfaced that indicated the distribution deal may be nearing its end, information that lines up with a potential 2024 or later release for the World War Hulk film. Of course, until Marvel Studios provides official word, fans will continue to debate the possibility of such a project. Perhaps once a few episodes of She-Hulk have aired and the public becomes aware of what the ET reporter is referencing in the interview, Marvel Studios could announce such a project…maybe even at D23 this September.

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