‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Digital, Physical Release Dates Revealed

Audiences across the world will soon have the ability to view the continued adventures of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and company from the comfort of their homes. It is being reported that Top Gun: Maverick will release digitally on August 23, followed by a 4K and Blu-Ray release on November 1.

The Tom Cruise-led sequel to the classic 1980’s action film has become the relative surprise hit at the box office in 2022. While anticipated to be a success, very few anticipated the roaring success Top Gun: Maverick enjoyed in being the only film of the year to cross the one billion dollar mark in box office gross globally. The film recently passed Titanic to officially become the seventh highest-grossing film domestically. Globally, Top Gun: Maverick currently sits as the 13th highest-grossing film of all time.

With the arrival on all digital platforms, Top Gun: Maverick is seemingly nearing the end of its dominant run in movie theaters. This comes after still maintaining a top-three spot in weekend box office earnings as late as this past week, when it was re-released on larger screen, earning over seven million dollars. It certainly will be a major uphill battle for any upcoming film releases to match this level of box office success, especially moving away from the summer months.

Top Gun: Maverick was directed by Joseph Kosinski and stars the likes of Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Val Kilmer.

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