Sony’s Scrapped ‘El Muerto’ Would’ve Included Tombstone

el muerto

Many questioned what exactly Sony was thinking about when they wanted to adapt the minor Spider-Man character of El Muerto into a film. While it seemed like it was mostly a project driven by its main lead, Bad Bunny, the project was seemingly scrapped. In a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, it seems the film was shelved due to it needing work and that isn’t happening with the ongoing Writer’s Strike, as many writers are fighting for livable wages.

The big reveal is also that they were seemingly already eyeing someone to play an iconic Spider-Man villain in the film. El Muerto was seemingly going to explore the antihero’s story and introduce Tombstone, a famous mafia boss from the Spider-Man comics. They were eyeing Marvin Jones III for the role, who also voiced the character in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

He’s not the only one, as they were also going to add Mercedes Varnado, better known as Sasha Banks in an unnamed role. It’s unclear if they might be open to retreading the project at some point later on, but that all depends if the Writer’s Strike finally coming to an end and receiving what they deserve given the work they put in to give us some amazing projects.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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