‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ May Be Heading to Disney+ in October

spectacular spiderman disney plus

It’s felt like half an eternity ago when Sony announced that they’ve made a deal with Marvel to release some of their projects on Disney+. The first-look deal with Netflix had many wondering if that limits what they’ll add in but slowly throughout the last few months, we saw the iconic Spider-Man franchise find its way home to Disney+. Now, one of the most popular animated shows is finally getting the same love.

As shared by Discussing Film on Twitter, it looks like Spectacular Spider-Man‘s first season is heading to Disney+ on October 19th. There’s no word when we might expect the second season but there’s a chance that is still a few more months out. Its addition to Disney+ and the upcoming X-Men: The Animated Series revival might have many hoping that this could give the classic animated series another chance on the platform with a third season.

Disney+ is “the Home of Marvel” according to Disney and they seemingly are trying to make sure every property under the sun ever produced with that brand makes it there. The Sony deal is the first time they’re able to bring Spider-Man back and the cooperation for the Home-themed trilogy definitely played a big part in that movement. Perhaps the fallout that almost sank No Way Home‘s original vision made their connection stronger and led to the current climate of these projects getting released on the platform.

Source: Discussing Film

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