REVIEW: ‘Stargirl’ 3×03: “The Blackmail”

stargirl 303

A period of change can be incredibly stressful for any person, whether you’re trying to find a new job or if you’re uprooting your entire life. You never know where it might lead you. Yet, what happens when that big period of change is being buried alive? Well, Sylvester Pemberton is living that very nightmare and Stargirl has certainly flipped the veteran hero’s life upside down.

The episode dives deeper into the suspects on the board that was set in the last episode. This time around it shifts its focus onto the Crock’s, as the team finds out that they’d been blackmailed by the Gambler for months. A little more of the Crocks is never a bad thing though, one of the best choices they could’ve made was bringing back Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski for season 3. The two just have great chemistry together as they somehow have this perfect harmony when interacting with each other.

The reintroduction of Starman has been a surprisingly classic fish out of water story. Joel McHale works incredibly well as an out-of-touch, grizzled hero who just doesn’t know what his place in the world is anymore. The parallels between him and Courtney, as well as how they choose to act with the power of the Cosmic Staff gives the show an interesting balance.

Fans will also find some enjoyment in a perfectly choreographed fight sequence within a grocery store. With that worryingly impulsive nature, Starman takes things into his own hands to confront the Crocks, leading to an dynamic and incredibly pleasing scuffle between him and the duo of Sportsmaster and Tigress.

The stunt team for this series deserves some insane recognition for what they managed to put together. It’s one of the best aspects of the show that they continously improve upon and push the limits of whats possible for these characters. The dual style that Sportsmaster and Tigress have mastered truly makes this sequence pop the way it does.

The best way to watch this season is to get into the mindset as if you’re watching an experiment unfold, seeing how these characters continue to coexist as if they’re reactive materials that could easily lead to an explosion at any time. In a way, it feels like a whole new way to enjoy the veteran show on CW.

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