‘Stranger Things’ Writing Team Share BTS Image as Work Starts on the Final Season

stranger things 5

It looks like work on the final season of Stranger Things has finally begun. While it confirms that the wait for its release is going to be a long one, it’s great to know that we’re finally seeing some development on the project. The Russo Brothers have quite a few plans ahead of them with a spinoff and even a Harry Potter-style project heading out as a musical. Their Upside Down Studios will be busy but that doesn’t mean the focus won’t remain on their flagship franchise.

Netflix is definitely on board for the project, and luckily with this first image, we know that writing has started on the fifth and final season of Stranger Things. Sadly, they won’t give us a look at what they are writing down for the project but here’s hoping we get some ongoing updates that tease whatever the ending of the last episode gives us.

It’s a bit hard to make out who is part of the writing team but they are likely to have many from the previous one back in action. With the Upside Down finally unleashed into the real world, Vecna is ready to unleash his final plan and do whatever it is that an evil man does. The wait will be tough but at least it gives us time to listen to “Running Up That Hill” or “Masters of Puppets” on repeat for as long as possible until the next major 80s hit grabs our hearts.

Source: Twitter

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