The Hypothetical 2024 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V3

Thanks to Kevin Feige’s presentation at SDCC ’22, not much has been left to the imagination for 2024. Marvel Studio’s One-Above-All blew the doors off Hall H by officially revealing Daredevil: Born Again, Captain America: New World Order, Thunderbolts, and Fantastic Four would all be released in 2024. He did, however, leave one currently scheduled film date unfilled and what look to be three Disney Plus series. Feige also gave a time frame for when Agatha: Coven of Chaos should start streaming and from the looks of it, 2024 is going to be a very full slate for Marvel Studios live-action productions.

As per Feige at SDCC ’22, Coven of Chaos will bridge 2023 and 2024, so if Marvel Studios sticks to that timeline, it’s just a matter of when in December it starts and when in January it ends, assuming a 6-episode run until otherwise indicated.

Once upon a time, it seemed like a sure thing that Deadpool 3 would hold down this spot. I even got wind at one point that it might start production in the Spring of 2023, making this the perfect date. However, as time goes on, confidence in Deadpool 3 being ready in time for this date continues to decrease. But until such a time that confidence hits absolute zero (and I hear that something else is taking this date), it’ll stay here.

Daredevil: Born Again will be Marvel Studios’ longest series yet, with an 18-episode first season on the docket. Everyone has their own idea about how this series will work out: three six-episode pods; a nine-episode “part one” and a nine-episode “part two.” But as of now, Marvel Studios hasn’t given any indication of what to expect so we’re rolling with this being 18 consecutive weeks of DD goodness. 18 weeks is over a third of the year and there are plenty of other streaming series they want to roll out, so a March 1st start date allows this big event series to bridge the gap between films.

It took a little longer than expected to crack the script and find a director, but now things are headed in the right direction with Julius Onah taking the helm. Expect casting news to start trickling out over the last quarter of 2022 and for production to get underway early in 2023.

The first draft of Thunderbolts has been complete for quite a while now, having been done by Black Widow’s Eric Pearson. With Jake Schreier now on board as director and much, if not all, of the cast of the film already in place, don’t expect a ton of news to roll out about this one.

Whether or not this project, which was announced back in February of 2021, is called Midnight Angels or not remains to be seen; however, once fans see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, they will certainly have an understanding of what this project could be about should Ryan Coogler chose to center this Wakanda-centric spinoff on those characters. Of course, there will be a couple of other potential stories that could also make for an interesting D+ series and Ironheart is itself a Black Panther-related spinoff, so the World of Wakanda will continue to grow in many directions regardless of what this series is titled.

Wonder Man finally gets his chance to step into the MCU! While I don’t expect this show to begin filming until 2023, there may be something to the rumors about them already looking to cast Simon Williams, meaning that the character would debut in another project ahead of his streaming series. Wonder Man and the Wakanda series do seem to be next up, so which one debuts first in the Fall of 2024 will just be a matter of which one gets into production first and successfully avoids the kinds of delays that have hit all of Marvel Studios live-action streaming series.

Nearly five and half years after first being teased at SDCC ’19, Marvel Studios will debut their version of the First Family. Matt Shakman was recently chosen to shepherd the project and early word is that his vision lines up nicely with not only what Kevin Feige has in mind but with the original vision of the characters who first appeared in the World’s Greatest Comics Magazine over 60 years ago.

Fans have had a field day wondering “what’s going on with Armor Wars?” The answer is probably much less sinister than the internet believes. The project is still in development and as is the case with so many of Marvel Studios’ projects, they are simply just taking their time to make sure they put together a solid project before heading into production.

*NOTE* While confidence is fairly high that 2024 will include Midnight Angels, Wonder Man, and Armor Wars (though it’s possible a Nova series pushes one of them to 2025) confidence is much lower on the order in which they might arrive.

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