Dan Lin No Longer in Talks to Become DC’s Kevin Feige

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While many were excited when the news first hit that long-time producer Dan Lin might be the one to lead Warner Bros. Discovery’s new future for its DC Comics adaptations. Yet, it turns out that he’s no longer in talks due to various factors. One of the big aspects is his continued commitment to his production banner Rideback. The search still continues as Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is committed to finding the right person for the job to lead their DC adaptations similar to how Kevin Feige handles Marvel Studios.

For those wondering, the current DC Films President Walter Hamada is expected to leave the company. That was cemented with the recent drama surrounding Batgirl and the way it was communicated. Lin seemed like a big candidate, especially with his history with Warner Bros. and the successful LEGO Movie franchise. It seems the company was also interested in taking a majority take on the company.

A lot is riding on this search, especially as shares have been down by 50%. Their “cost-cutting measures” have ended up backfiring in many ways, as industry veterans are nervous about working with the company and a lot of bridges getting burnt along the way. We’ll have to see if they do end up finding the right person for the job, or rather who is willing to do so.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, CNBC

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