‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Eyeing Summer Production Start

netflix sandman season 2

Netflix hasn’t been doing its best at keeping enthusiasm alive for the streaming service. After canceling quite a few shows, it almost feels like a rarity when one does eventually make its return. Luckily, the ambitious and beautiful The Sandman was able to get that rare Season 2 renewal and is already preparing to start production on its second season according to Mason Alexander Park, who recently offered some insight into what’s heading our way during the Fan Expo in San Francisco.

Park plays Desire in the DC series, who has a big role going into the next part of the series. During the panel, they highlight though that there’s a reason this won’t be called “Season 2” as it traditionally would. So, we’ll have to see what they’ll title this continuation but they do highlight that production is set to start this summer.

There is more Sandman coming in a really cool way and it can take many forms, so we’re starting shooting in the summer and we’re gonna tackle the next huge chunk of stories in however long that might take. And I’m really excited to share the format of what that might be with everybody eventually.

Mason Alexander Park

The highlight of the format of this continuation does sound interesting and perhaps they will split the seasons up according to various story elements to keep the tale of Morpheus coming out in multiple steps. We had the additional episodes that expanded the original series and there’s also the fact that Netflix experiments with establishing two distinct parts for some of their biggest releases. So, we might see this trend continue.

Source: Fan Expo via Winter is Coming

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