‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Production Eyeing Reshoots in the Coming Weeks

thor love and thunder reshoots

Here’s some interestingly hidden information. Tucked away in The Wrap’s article on Disney’s John Carter box office bomb, there’s a brief statement on how Marvel Studios has made reshoots part of its production schedule no matter the project. In addition, they reveal that Taika Waititi‘s Thor: Love and Thunder is going back for additional photography in the next few weeks. There’s no word for how long but the timing is interesting considering it is still planning on releasing on July 8th.

It’s not uncommon that reshoots have just a few months before the film releases, especially as we don’t know what exactly the scope is for the production. Marvel Studios has standardized this practice for all its films, as it gives them a chance to refocus or tighten up specific scenes. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also underwent reshoots to add scenes for characters that initially faced scheduling issues.

There’s no mention of what or for how long Thor: Love and Thunder will undergo but we’ll have to see. There’s always a chance they are aiming to add some scenes or even refine action elements. These films also undergo testings that help the creative team get a feeling for what works for audiences and what doesn’t. Who knows if Waititi just had some fun ideas that he is dying to add into the film.

Source: The Wrap

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