RUMOR: ‘Secret Invasion’ May Continue Production in Canada for a Single Day

secret invasion production

We’ve been closely following the production of Secret Invasion, especially after their shoot in London led to a bunch of set photos finding their way online. We still know very little about the production, which is great considering there will be quite a few surprises throughout but we have learned that now as the production wrapped production, it seems they have one more location planned.

the Midgard Times has shared that the Disney+ series has one last one-day shoot planned in Toronto, Canada. While it’s a very brief shot, it seems that preparations have already started and whatever it may end up being is teased as something massive. While no information is shared beyond the additional production day, the set tease may hint at an indoor shot to hide some elements for Secret Invasion. It could also be for the potential post-credit sequence.

The production is likely going to not be released until 2023, especially with its ties to The Marvels. We don’t know if we might expect Carol Danvers to potentially have a role in taking down the Skrulls. We might have to wait quite a bit longer until we get any additional information on the series, but perhaps we’ll get a tease during D23 which finally returns this year. Here’s hoping we find out what the future has in store for Marvel Studios by then.

Source: Midgard Times

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