RUMOR: Possible Leaked Footage Offers First Look at Long-Rumored ‘Persona 3’ Remake

persona 3 remake first look

A Persona 3 remake has always been something fans of the Atlus franchise joked around about. Not only because technically there are three other Persona entries that have yet to receive much love since the PSP era but also due to the many rumors that have lit a little spark of hope throughout the years. Still, the concept of an actual remake with Persona 5‘s engine has picked up quite a bit of steam as of late with a new rumor sparking the conversation earlier this year and we may have even gotten our first look at the project.

While not officially confirmed, user @AVtoGAMEnoYAMI has taken to Twitter and shared some footage of Yukari Takeba shooting her arrows at a shadow. Out of context, it looked like an impressive fan-made concept, especially as we don’t see her using an Evoker (the gun they point at themselves) and she also is seemingly using a bow from a Persona than something that was provided in the game. Plus, you don’t see the SEES armband either or any hint at the group.

Yet, the animation looks well done, the background is definitely Tartarus, and with the many rumors, it just feels like a curious timing to leak. What adds weight to it potentially being real is the fact that an additional showcase included the long-rumored Jet Set Radio sequel and most notably Beta footage of Sonic Frontier with a boss that was only confirmed to exist in concept art and never made it into the final game.

Supposedly this is footage that was shared initially 2021 during an internal meeting held in 2021, which would match with one of the earliest hints that Atlus might be working on trying to bring many of its iconic IPs back with remasters or remakes as first hints were given in 2020 of this new development (still waiting for Tales of Arcadia).

There’s a chance that what we’re seeing above was just a pitch visual using some minimal visuals to showcase the idea of remastering the game or an early test build that didn’t include all details. Of course, it also still remains a mystery and hasn’t been given a DMCA by Sega since it leaked online which means it might not be true (though they also may not want to raise any flags by doing so either).

For now, it’s just a rumor and if it turns out to be fan-made, it is extremely well done. Sadly the recent live stream that was hinted at in March was mostly about the Blu-ray release and an additional artbook from the stageplay inspired by the Persona series. So, who knows just how long we’ll have to wait for an actual game announcement but rumors pointed to Persona 3‘s remake hitting this year. So, all eyes will be on Summer Game Fest and whatever PlayStation stream is heading our way as some others believe reveals are “a ways off.”

Source: Twitter, Twitter

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